1. Live Studio
    Jeff Sipe Group

  2. Timeless

  3. Art Of The Jam

  4. Jeff Sipe, Paul Hanson, Jonas Hellborg
    Jeff Sipe, Paul Hanson, Jonas Hellborg

  5. Jeff Sipe And The Apartment Projects

  6. The Real Deal
    Jeff Sipe and Grease Factor

  7. Rainbow
    Project Z

  8. Happy Evil Happy
    Jeff Sipe Trio with Mike Seal & Taylor Lee

  9. Col.Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit (SAE house State College, PA 10/19/93)

  10. Hellborg Lane & Sipe (Mystery gig 8-6-1996)

  11. Hellborg Lane & Sipe (Starlight Club Fort Collins, CO. 6-15-97)

  12. Hellborg Lane & Sipe Live (Peasants Greenville, SC 4-19-97)

  13. Jonas Hellborg, Shawn Lane & Jeff Sipe (Live @ Wetlands NYC)

  14. Hellborg Lane & Sipe (Live Smiths Old Bar, Atlanta)
    Jonas Hellborg, Shawn Lane, Jeff Sipe

  15. Sipe, Hanson, Hellborg (Smile Fest)
    Jeff Sipe Paul Hanson Jonas Hellborg

  16. Aquarium Rescue Unit Live at Planet Earth Knoxville 94
    bruce Hampton Jimmy herring Matt Mundy Oteil Burbridge Jeff Sipe

  17. Hellborg Lane & Sipe Live at Tramps NYC 1996

  18. Hellborg Lane & Sipe Live at Ziggy's 4/12/97

  19. Jeff Sipe Band Live in Charlotte

  20. Project Z Live at Webster Theater Hartford CT 9-27-02
    Jimmy Herring, Jason Crosby, Ricky Keller, Jeff Sipe

  21. Hellborg Lane & Sipe (Round Mountain set #2)

  22. Drew Emmitt Live Floyd Fest 5

  23. Jonas Hellborg, Shawn Lane, Jeff Sipe (Live Round Mountain 1996)

  24. Hellborg Lane & Sipe Live in Sweden

  25. Moon Mountain Music Fest Jam

  26. Aquarium Rescue Unit 3/11/94 Burlington (guests-Ray, Grippo, Page,Trey, Drew)

  27. ARU iron horse 9/30/92
    col. bruce Hampton & the aquarium rescue unit

  28. DUET Jeff Coffin & Jeff Sipe
    Jeff Coffin & Jeff Sipe

  29. Duo Uphonia
    Jeff Sipe and Count MButu


Jeff Sipe Asheville, North Carolina

"Jeff Sipe (Apt Q 258), is one of the most prolific and creative drummers around. Jeff has buoyed the performances of many of today's leading bands and stars such as the Aquarium Rescue Unit, Jeff Coffin, Susan Tedeschi, Oteil Burbridge, Jazz is Dead, and Hellborg/Lane. Jeff says his drumming is about surrender and submission."
- Souvik Dutta (Abstract Logix)
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